… on a trophy (a JPNN Special Monday Edition)


Greetings, this fine morning, from Maine

The dark descends, the lights come on.

The seats fill.

The engine noise – the crowd – starts… swelling, retreating… ebbing, flowing.

One song is sung… and then

The song is sung… and beautifully.

Tchotchkis – bobble heads and nesting team dolls – along with banners and caps are placed.

The blanket put there… but wait, not there, it wasn’t there when we won the last game!

Seats are chosen, spots claimed, based on where each of us sat the last time… or stood while we were on offense, or defense.

The stakes are high.

Its been a tough year.

Something to prove.

To a group of people… a family… who has been busy believing…

Rooting hard.

Needing this win.

And, for a time, it didn’t look good… everything, everything, seemed to be going the wrong way.

Such a long… long road.

Such a long… long season.

Questions along the way…

Would the playbook work?

Would the plan get them there, on this day, for this game?

Would the plan… get her there… on this day, for this game?

And, in the end, the plan did.

All the love, all the hope…

And the work and pain and skill and determination…

Got her there.

Last night, it was confirmed, Tom Brady’s Mom has cancer.

And she has been working with her team – her doctors, her family, her loved ones – for eighteen months. Creating her own playbook, making her own plan.

She missed every single one of her son’s games this year.

But she made it to one.

Last night… she made it to the Super Bowl.

Just in time to see her boy fight, and scrape, and claw his way back from certain defeat… to a win that places him as one of the Greatest Of All Time.

Yep, her son is now a G.O.A.T.

And she was there… she saw it.

And he knew she was there.

That… that knowledge?

Well, that memory is a hell of a trophy.

Maybe one of the best ones.



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