… on it picking up a bit

Measuring Stick, 2:03 pm

So, uh… it’s begun to pick up a little bit around here.

Since our last report, with pictures taken before noon, snow has continued to fall to the tune of … more.

Also, winds are picking up a bit, with gusts of some miles per hour.

Our Measuring Stick (and cracker jack journalist) Marshal Dillon Dingle has been investigating reports of things being buried under the snow, mostly in the vicinity of Blaze, who is busily chewing on her beloved orange tennis ball to keep it from freezing and, possibly, exploding.


We anticipate one more possible report before sunset. A friend from upstate New York reports the winds picking up even more there, which could mean ‘blizzard conditions’. I explained this to Marshal and he feels that the best way to get ready for them is to expose himself to the small winds now, and work his way up…


I’m not joining him.

Over and out.

Thanks for readin’.

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