… on advenditures

Sun Rising Over Rather Tall Boat

This morning, super duper early, I headed out on an adventure.

Because the other day my friend Chris (a.k.a., ‘ChrisChrisChris‘) called and asked me if I was comfortable getting up very early in the morning (to which I replied, “Um, I am kind of an expert at it as I have stumbled out of bed and nearly fallen over the cliff in front of our house – on many occasions – trying to take pictures of the sunrise.” (I did not add that it has kind of surprised me that – since she lives right across the cove – she has not once, come to my possibly-needed rescue).

My implication of her emergency-response ineptitude aside, she plowed ahead and said that she and Jim (‘JustOneJim’) were headed out on Wednesday morning to see the tall ships at sunrise and wondered if I wanted to come.

I know!

Because Wednesday the ships were going to parade, under full sail, into the hah-buh but Chris said before that they anchor behind Cabbage Island (no idea how it got that name, or if there is a Corned Beef Island, but I’m on it). So we could go and see the ships early  and, she said, I could bring my coffee.

I. Was. So. In.

So Wednesday is today – and I am not kidding you, I woke up at 4:14 a.m. in anticipation of meeting Chris and Jim on their dock at 5:30 where we would get into their boat and head over to Cabbage Island to see some much bigger boats.

And it was sort of dark as we headed out and looked like this:

Heading Out, Sort of Dark

This was the first time I’d been on the water so early, and it was really cool.

The reason it was the first time I’d been on the water so early is because I do not have a boat. And – until the other day – no one had been nuts enough to ask me to join them on a boat ride at 5:30 a.m.

I. loved. it.

So, obviously, now I need a boat.

Which is how this adventure turned into an advenditure. Which is what happens when you go on an adventure with someone else, and have experiences that you like so much that they result in a future expenditure for you. Or possibly more than one expenditure. Which is what happened this time.

I was loving my ride and the accompanying conversation (and coffee sipping) very much. We even had a seal show up, watching us motor by (I was so excited that I forgot I had a camera in my hand… though I also had super hot coffee in the other hand, so the possibility was 50/50 that I either would have a great shot of a seal, or a burned retina).

And were chatting and sipping and boating along when, suddenly…

I know.

It was pretty magnificent.

We were taking pictures as the folks on the ships were waking up. A few crew members on the decks, slow smiles and waves greeting us as we slid by, joined by breakfast smells from galleys we couldn’t see.

Even our First Mate seemed to be having a great time…

Meet Dory

And as we were heading back home, I was kind of proud that this particular advenditure had only resulted in my having to walk back inside and greet a sleepy Nearly Perfect Husband with the news that I needed a boat. That was but a single advenditure!

But then Jim said something absolutely stunning to me.

“We are probably heading out to Eastern Egg Rock soon and…”

Oh I did not even let JustOneJim finish that sentence!

Do you know why people go to Eastern Egg Rock?

Hang on.



Since I have been waving around my issue of Down East magazine* – featuring puffins – at JoHn for weeks now, what a coincidence that Jim mentions that he is heading over to Eastern Egg Rock to see the puffins and invites me to go!

Unfortunately for JoHn, this expanded my advenditure a little bit.

Because, if I go to see the puffins, I’m going to need a really great long lens to photograph them with.

But that’s it though.

One boat. And one lens.

Okay and maybe some boat shoes with non-marking soles.

And it’s probably a good idea to take some boating lessons.

Which means I’ll probably be getting a boating license… and they’ll take my picture for it.

Which means I need a hair appointment.

For, you know, boat hair.


Maybe I ought to wait until I have the entire list of advenditures before I approach him with the plan.

Like the proverbial ripping off of the band-aid.

Quickly, and all at once.

Thanks for readin’.

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*The photo of the Puffins is not my own, but is actually a part of the Down East magazine article – which is also online, should you want to see it (It’s great :))