… on four stalls and a wedding

The Froo Froo Details (photo by Jen)


There are about to be lots of photos of the wedding out in the world because Jen Smith, who is the incredibly talented photographer of/in/around/behind/Darling Photography (darlingphoto.net) is starting to leak them and Mac is totally lapping them up like a crazy person acting like a dog drinking something (which is called ‘lapping’).

I got to snag the one above, of the place setting and menu, and you can see some of the flowers and stuff.

Apparently, all the froo froo details like menus are very important with today’s very chic and happening’ weddings. And I actually liked all the details and was happy to chime in and/or design and/or choose them as requested or required. No issue at all.

Flowers. Types, colors, schemes, placement…

Tables. Shapes, materials, stains, orientation…

Chairs. All the same thing as with the tables, but with chairs…

Lighting. Fairy, bistro, twinkle…

You get the picture. All fun. All turned out awesomely… blah blah blah-dy blah.


Let me tell you about the potties.

Oh yes. I am so serious.

We had. The best potties.

I found myself pushing them all night the way some mothers of brides might push the food, or signature drink, or the bride and groom to start making kids (which I am not ready for so I didn’t do that… I pushed the potties instead).

“Oh, yes. That is a lovely mini lobster roll. HAHAHA, oh yes that little potato chip just makes it! By the way, have you seen the potties?”

“Did you have enough water? No? Do you want more? Oh, no worries because we have some really terrific potties!”


Yes. That all was said, and probably more than once – by me. At Mac’s and Jack’s wedding.

We had chosen the 20 ft Presidential Series Luxury Mobile Potty.

Okay, fine, on the website it says ‘restroom’.

But I am telling you, it was 20 feet of luxury potty-dom.

Big time.

A total of four stalls with full doors, two urinals, three sinks with running water.

And also?

The men’s and women’s potties were the only rooms with air conditioning at the entire wedding.


Air conditioning!

Also art and oriental carpets and no I am not lying to you!

Here is a link to a video, courtesy of Dave’s Septic (who kindly rented us the spectacular potty on wheels):

So, sure, there was a wedding and all. But it came complete with this potty and I think that everyone will be talking about it for, like, ever.

I was very, very sad when the truck came to take the 20 foot Presidential Series Mobile Potty away though…

A Sad Moment

There was something so… well, solemn about its leaving, having been such an important part of the special day.

I know.


So there you go. Four stalls… two urinals… and, sure, a wedding.

A wedding. Captured by Jen of Darling, who rocks.


More to come about the wedding part later.

I just wanted to give the potties their due.

Thanks for readin’.

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