… on a feathered bottom

My friends like animal bums.

Okay. Photos of animal bums.

And they like them very much.

One has even dreamt (or threatened) a coffee table book composed of her rather excellent animal bum shots, which she calls ‘butt shots’ and – based on her photography skillsmanship – I am fairly certain such a book would be a best seller.

I thought of her when I took the photo above. To be completely transparent though, I also thought that – had Mr. or Ms. Seagull been pooping – my friend (and I) would have liked it even more.

Seriously. We would have been in stitches.

This is due to our inability to control our inner twelve-year-old boys, which has been well and publicly established over the years.

I know.

I’m not even sorry for that.

So, now that I’ve let you in on the inner workings of my brain once again, I offer you this butt shot of a seagull heading out to sea.

Totally peaceful, and also poop-free.

I won’t include the reality that my inner twelve-year-old boy is quite certain that the gull is being tracked by a great white shark, just beneath the water, waiting for its chance to…


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