… on the hound’s way

Yesterday I wandered ’round the house
And I wept

I wept for those so certain
That they are terrified
I wept for those so certain
That they are furious

For those so uncertain
They are unmoored
For those so uncertain
They are frozen

And then

I took my small hound to the woods
Watched her don an invisible cape
And fly o’er land and logs and boulders
Nose to the ground, tail in the air

Not squirrel, nor duck, nor stick safe
From her antics, her joy
For this wood
For this time
For this world

Later we returned
To the old clapboard house
Where she galloped through the gardens
And relished a drink of fresh water from the bowl

Once again, the ‘simpler’ of creatures
Held the answers
Once again, the one not overthinking
Found the way.

Thanks for readin’.

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