… on not waiting for the tripod

The other night the snow was still falling and landing softly on all the other flakes that had already bedded down.

I’d been looking out different windows, noticing how the light was falling across the snow, and thinking that I should pick up my camera and see what images I could make… see if I could capture the mood… the quiet wonder of this snowy night.

Each time I thought… as I have thought before, but done nothing about it… ‘I really need to get a tripod’.

This is because a tripod would let me set up my camera and push its ‘take a picture’ button and – even though the shutter would be wicked slow – the camera would be very still, and would get a photo that wasn’t blurred, or made funny light trails.

I continued to move from window to window and, finally…

I stepped outside.

The night was so lovely… so incredibly soft and silent.

It whispered to me, half chuckling.

Just work with what you have and enjoy the process…

I went to get the camera.

I played with it a little bit, took a couple of pictures. And what I feared would happen… did.  You can see it in the shot at the top of the page.  Not only did it appear that I have a pretty steep hill to climb to get to the barn (I don’t), but also? I do not own a person-sized, neon tree (though that might be fun).

Finally, a bit frustrated in that ‘I knew it’ way, I took the camera away from my eye, and let my arms drop to my side.

I took deep breath… letting the calm envelop me, as it seemed to have enveloped the whole world at that moment…

I brought the camera back up…

Then exhaled… and gently pressing a certain, small, round button.

It may not be perfect but, to me, it perfectly captures how I felt, standing on my porch… in my slippers… the cold air turning my breath to clouds…

On a winter’s night…

In Maine.

So glad I didn’t wait for something I thought I needed, before taking Inspiration’s hand.

Thanks for readin’.

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