… on snow shadows

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAOn Monday I headed up to the old Inn to get it stocked with food and warmth in anticipation of my friends Glen and Elias coming up to do some painting, ridding me of the freakin’ dalmatian kitchen for, I hope, ever (pronounce that ‘evah’ if you are aiming to come to Maine, or really ever understand a good Maine accent).

So on Tuesday they arrived bright and early and I went out and got them coffee and Janet’s awesome muffins at the General Store,  and they started prepping the kitchen and I went into the Vampire Room (What? At night it looks like a deep and dark paneled room from one of those old vampire movies. What would you have named it?). Anyway. I went into the Vampire Room to write.

A little while later I heard the guys laughing and I leaned back in my chair, thus giving me a view across our living room and into the kitchen.

They were hanging plastic tarp all over the place, I assumed to prevent paint from dripping and dropping on the walls and floor because they were about to paint the ceiling.


However they were talking about the show, Dexter. You know, the one about the serial killer?


So what were they saying? Well, Glen was explaining to Elias that he had always wondered why Dexter used tape instead of staples to hang his tarps in his ‘kill rooms’. And he decided that the staples would leave holes in the walls and that would be evidence, should anyone ever discover the room. So clearly, if you were a serial killer, according to Glen – the painter who was in my house and hanging plastic tarps all over my kitchen – tape was the way to go if you wanted to get away clean.

And what was he hanging the plastic tarps with?


I know!

Disturbing on so many levels, not the least of which was that they were sleeping over.

But luckily a very cool thing happened when I was trying to collect myself and plan on how I could get to the garage (and my car) without them ever seeing me.

I looked outside.

The day had gone from clear, to a few flurries, to a you-couldn’t-see-ten-feet-in-front-of-you snow squall in about two minutes flat.

It lasted about 10 minutes and then it totally disappeared and there wasn’t a flake falling anywhere.

And I went to another room to grab my camera as the sun broke through the clouds, expecting some great light. And I went outside to the water and snapped a few pics.

When I turned around and headed back to the house, the snow was already melting. But something so cool was happening that I have to share it with you because it felt like magic (which, as we all know tastes like marshmallows).

All over Landing Road, the trees were busy making snow shadows.

So freakin’ cool.

Snow shadows.

Just for me.

So that I would forget that my painters might be prepping the kitchen…

as a kill room.

Thanks for readin’.