… on no air cover and curious ground cover

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAThe death of a parent ignites many different emotions.

And also thoughts.

There is lots of thinking going on inside my brain right now.  The little hamsters on the wheels up there are working overtime to encourage all the synaps-ical activity.

And one thought is, “Uh oh. No air cover.”

Because, seriously, even though Grampa was pretty great at supporting us in most things… except for our garage organizational skills… oh, and our basement organizational skills… driveway maintenance skills, loam spreading skills, fall clean up/recycling/and mail sorting skills…

Okay, other than all that, he supported us pretty unconditionally.

Although he would have preferred we put the date on more things.

But other than that…

There was a lot of support, is what I’m trying to say.

But he hadn’t really supported us, like, by putting a roof over our heads or providing life-sustaining food and water and stuff, for quite some time.

So why does it feel like we have less air cover than we had before?

Like, if something went way wrong, someone from above wouldn’t totally swoop down in his Corsair fighter plane and Pappy Boyington our troubles away, Baa Baa Black Sheep style?

Well, clearly I know why it feels that way… but what to do about it?

Where to turn my brain’s eye? Where to find relief?


Ground cover!

So my eyes searched the house yesterday, glancing and glossing over the younger generations around me, and I had the most frightening thought.

These were the people who I have to count on when I am old, and infirmed and in need of extra support.

These youngin’s.

And then I thought, oh shit.


The younger generations…

(The little one might have potential…)

Thanks for readin’.


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