… on warm rocks


So there is this cool thing that happens outside the Maine house in the early spring, when the ice isn’t very thick in our cove.  And guess what? Mother Nature is tricking the world here into thinking it is already early spring!

So each morning the salt-y ice gets to grow and shift and do all the cool things that salt-y ice likes to do without close supervision.

Salt-y ice is much more sassy than regular ice.

But then the tide recedes and, in the gut (where the sea water hangs out between our island and the mainland and there are no waves to break it up), and the ice floats down on the water beneath it and gently covers up the rocks beneath with…

Ice blankets…


Ice Blankets

Which, luckily, show up just as the rocks are feeling a bit chilly and are ready for their naps.

And who wouldn’t want a nice, snuggly blanket during a chilly Maine morning?

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