… on ‘the other’ body of water


The Pond (Morning, 2/23/16)

I don’t know if I’ve ever shared pics of the ‘other body of water’ on our street in Maine, which is kind of odd because two bald eagles hang out there on a regular basis.

Although really you would not know it until suddenly you hear a few meager ‘peeps’ (decidedly not the red tail hawk calls they seem to use in all the movies because that hawk sounds fierce and real-life eagles sound about as powerful as weebles).

Anyway, on our road, just two houses down from ours is a pond, and it is beautiful.

Like any younger sibling of someone wicked famous (like the Atlantic Ocean), it could have an inferiority complex, but it doesn’t.  It has hosted countless ice skating parties, lazy summer afternoon canoe paddles, and was the source of ice for much of the island for many many years of its life.

And every day, even in the dead of winter, it rises with the sun and spiffs itself up and strikes a series of amazing poses.

And folks notice.

The eagles and osprey and turtles and peepers and minks and herons and deer (and many others) show up and admire and take notice…

Along with the random human with a camera, anticipating that she might find a thing or two to focus on.

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