… on seeing oneself in the mirror (or reflections on lunacy)


Yes, that is actual scotch tape (as opposed to irish tape), because apparently I cannot actually review digital designs digitally, and have to print them out on paper and tape them together so I can look at them and draw on them analog-ed-ly.

Oh dear Lord.

Do you think if you see yourself clearly in the mirror and crack yourself up that it is going to result in seven years of bad luck?

Because I’m kind of worried that the answer is yes.

Some of you are members of the Facebook creative group called The Crazy Ones*, and know a little about what is going on behind the scenes of the blog, but to some of you this will be new.  Either way I’m asking you to not pass judgement on my ludicrous attempts at begin a reasonable ‘customer’.

Fine. Judge me.

I don’t even care!

So the story is that I am bringing Just Ponderin‘ to the next level… which is business and marketing speak for getting better and better according to an often pre-arranged plan.

Which I don’t have.

But what I do have is a fierce desire to bring you an even better version of the blog with colors and drawings and – brace yourself – you might even get graphically represented pieces of tape (which I will have to print out the pages of and… tape them together).

So I’m doing this.

Because I am driven.

Enter the Just Ponderin’ Marketing Team (okay, fine, two very nice humans by the names of Amy-The-Ever-Patient and Ethan-The-Guy-Who-Explains-Technical-Things-To-Me), who may now be regretting being so nice and willing to work with me, months ago, as I waxed philosophical and silly-ly about the blog and what I wanted to do with it and said words like ‘theme’ and ‘connecting with my readers’ and ‘this is about a dialogue not a monologue’ and sounded – I am so totally sure – like someone who knew what she wanted to do.

But.. um…

So now we are closer to launching (yes, just like a rocket, but with far less jet fuel) the site and I’m getting all excited about it but that also means I have to make lots of decisions and create stuff fast and there is an issue.

Which is not my fault at all.

It is my brain’s fault.

This is an example of what is currently happening…

Amy wrote me an e-mail and, paraphrased, this is what it said:

Amy to Lisa: “Do these three things:  1)  Look over the pages that are already done. 2) Make up some words for three areas 3) Approve drawings.”

And also?  She was totally succinct and her punctuation use indicated that she was very happily asking me to do those three things.

Easy right?


I just checked.

To that nice, simple request….

I responded with more than thirty e-mails.

I am not lying.


It was forty.


And I just read some of them and I am telling you that.. wait. I’ll just show you.  This is an actual, “professional” bit of feedback to Saint Amy, from me:

“To me, the swishes look like party ribbons and don’t really fit with the whimsical sketch-y, line-drawn feeling. Also, Zombie Pig is pooping one out.”

And there were so many more absolutely ridiculous moments this past week.

Like when I sent the ‘final’ version of a drawing I’d made… SIX times. All with… “oh I just tried this new thing, what do you think?” and then a half hour later, “I made it a little wider because I had this idea…” and then five minutes after that “I know you probably haven’t had a chance to try it out but maybe it should not be as ‘thick’… is ‘thick’ the right way to say it? Like, its wider but … well maybe I should say ‘tall’…”

I have become a freaking lunatic.

So in a fit of self-imposed new-blog-design exile I headed to Maine today to check on the renovations and measure stuff and gave the Marketing Team a break.

Except as soon as I got home I e-mail them to ask them what they did on their break.

I know, I know.

I am going to need to get them suck up presents big time.

But in the mean time, in my defense I will leave you with this:

Screen Shot 2016-03-25 at 5.33.06 PM

photographic proof

Totally pooping out a ribbon.

newblogexampleThanks for readin’.

As always, come on over to Just Ponderin’s Facebook page to comment <3

*The Crazy Ones is a creative group on Facebook made up of all sorts of kind of amazing creative folks – artists, writers, poets, painters, photographers, quilters (and even one kick-ass cookie designer (cookie maker does not do her justice) – who share and support each other in what we do. Also, I fit (because ‘crazy’). :))