… on new lights (not so simple)

One of Three New Lights

One of Three New Lights

This light’s not mine
This light is new
The old one broke
(By you know who).

A ball kicked high
A ball kicked low
Some kicked in rain
Some kicked in snow.

WHACK! on the wall
POW! on the door
SWOOSH! in a bush
CRASH! (one light more).

From here to there
I still can see
Five year old him
Staring at me

Glass all around
A light askew
“I’m PRAC-tiss-in!”
So we made do.

Some duct tape here
There a new screw
Straighten and prop
We’ll wait for ‘new’.

“When he’s done school”
“When he moves out”
“Some day far off”


time flies (no doubt).

Prac-tiss-in’ boy
A young man now
His life, my dreams
Happened, somehow.

And so this day
Three new lights shine
On roads ahead
His, ours… and mine.

Thanks for readin’.

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