… on texts that require little explanation

Gabe is grey. I am blue (and also, apparently, green).


I was going to put this here for the last bubbles only. The ones about Gabe needing a lot of stuff, including new ankles.  But it occurred to me that the bubbles leading up to it were interesting as well… from the innocuous ‘do you know how to make a homemade burrito bowl’ to my announcing that I lost one of my curtains in an inferno.

A friend noted that Gabe slid right past the fiery curtain incident, and on to asking for new stuff pretty quickly.

I fear that, after three and a half of them, I am so used to teenagers’ tendencies toward self focus that it doesn’t even make my radar.

I didn’t even realize that ankle entitlement was a thing.

But there you go.

Today I have to finalize my food list for a graduation party that will happen two days after I get back from driving to and from New Orleans, which I will begin tomorrow and is 1367.1 miles away one way (and I can tell you, that last .1 is a doozie). I also have to pack the car up with stuff that Number One Son Sam and Scooby-Do-Curry (his friend and roommate who was once Scooby to Sam’s Shaggy on Halloween)… anyway, I’m packing stuff they might need in their new apartment.  Once down there, I will unload and pick JoHn and Mac up from the airport and we will watch Sam graduate.  Then I will head back here and have the party for somewhere between forty and sixty people (I forgot to ask for RSVPs), celebrating both Sam and Gabe (and Granny, who has a birthday coming up).  The next day, Sam and I will head to Maine, where he will help me clean up from the renovation that will hopefully be completed (and that I will direct the finalities of from my car on the way to and from New Orleans). Then Gabe will graduate a few days after that and then we will go on a huge family vacation, hip hopping our way from hither to yon.. and there might be some stuff I need to finalize for that too. Maybe when I pass through Chattanooga.

And crazy busy does not equal earth shattering or anything.

Except now Gabe needs new ankles.


It appears Amazon has them backordered.


Thanks for readin’.


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